Friday, 4 September 2015

i'm thinking the search may be futile

I'm not ready for another relationship just yet, but I decided to join another online dating site - this time Oasis Active - to see who is out there, perhaps start a conversation and get to know each other and see what happens in the future.

Off to a great start already <insert sarcasm>.

To start a conversation with someone, you have to "like" their profile and then they have to also "like" yours, or vice versa and then they get added to your contacts where you can start chatting to them in a private message.

I was notified I had a "like" from someone - I'll call him doucheburger for the purpose of this story - and so I clicked on his profile. We had absolutely nothing in common, but he had a few pictures of himself so I decided to "like" his profile and say hi. After all, maybe opposites attract?

<me> Hi. How are you? Just wanted to say I like your photos, even though we have absolutely nothing in common.
<doucheburger> lol thanks. What are you up to today?
<me> Just the usual, looking after my little ones. What about yourself?

doucheburger has removed your from his contacts or deleted his profile.

What the? My profile clearly states that I am a single Mum who has 2 tiny humans. He could have at least said "seeya" or "thanks for contacting me but I'm not interested". Don't think he's going to have much luck finding a relationship when he has no manners or conversation skills.

My profile also clearly states that I am looking for someone who lives within 15kms from me. So why am I getting "likes" from guys in different states? Different COUNTRIES? Can they not read?

Sounds like he's an intelligent guy, yet he didn't understand "within 15kms from me"
Righty-o. Good luck with that.
Also getting a lot of interest from men who are in their 40's and 50's, when my profile specifies I am seeking men between the age of 30 and 36.

Searching through the profiles is sort of depressing. I get that it is sometimes hard to describe yourself - I know I had major troubles trying to write my profile in a way to attract someone's attention and interest - but when someone says they are intelligent and have made at least 10 spelling mistakes in 6 sentences, I have my doubts.

I feel I am destined to be single forever! Which might not be such a bad thing.