Saturday, 18 April 2015

letting my little girl go

L is 18 months old today. One and a half years. I can hardly believe it, she's growing up way too fast. In less than 2 months she will be a big sister. Today is also the first day she's spending some time with her Daddy, without me or her Nanna or Gramps with her. Only for an hour and a half, but still such a huge deal. On one hand I hope she isn't too uncomfortable and understands what is going on and that we are not abandoning her. On the other hand, I hope she doesn't enjoy herself and gets upset.

Our new agreement is for 6 visits every second weekend, to take place at his parents house (supposedly where he is living, but I highly doubt that). The first 2 visits will be for 1.5 hours, the third and fourth visits for 2 hours, the fifth visit for 2.5 hours with the sixth visit for 3 hours. G wanted 3 hour visits for the second visit onwards but I of course said no to that. That would give him time to leave the house and take her wherever he wants and that's not where we are at yet.

Today I am also 32 weeks pregnant - the gestation that L was ready to come into the world. I am relieved that Little Mister has decided he wants to stay in his womb room, although I really wish he would quit giving me heartburn - at this rate I think I will end up giving birth to a monkey.

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