Wednesday, 26 August 2015

a little encouragment or confidence boosting wouldn't go astray

While scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed today, I found an advertisement I was interested in. I clicked on the link, read what it involved and it sounded really exciting and fun and my first thought was "I want to do this!" The only thing is, it's totally out of my comfort zone.

Here's the deal:

Create a 2 minute video answering "Why are you passionate about tech?" and "Why would you make a great tech tester"

Semi-finalists will be required to participate in a video interview over Skype.

The Tech Testers must attend a 2 day workshop in Sydney. Lunch provided both days up to $40 per person. $300 provided for incidentals. Flights paid for and 2 nights accommodation, Maximum value of the workshop will be between $380 - $1280 depending on location.

Tech Testers provided with:
A MacBook Air or similar laptop valued up to $1539 

Editing software valued up to $379
A camera valued up to $499
A tripod valued up at $65.95

To use for 12 months and if all 12 reviews are completed, kept as a thank you.

Each month, provided with a product to review. Total of all 12 products will be valued at a minimum of $6000 and not exceed $12,000. Products can be kept if review is completed.

WOW! All that free technology! Technology is my THING! How amazing would this be?

I told my Mum about it and along with some major eye rolling, the first words out her mouth were "as if YOU can do that."

Thanks Mum. Way to have some faith and confidence in me. This is how it's been my whole life. No wonder there are a lot of things that I can't do, things that set my anxiety into overdrive, even though I would love to do them.

I'm not going to be that way with my children. If they tell me they want to do something (within reason) then I will give them the encouragement and support they deserve. And if they happen to be unsuccessful, there will no "I told you so", but there will be a "better luck next time, at least you had a go and gave it your best shot".

I really want to enter just to prove that even though I might not have the confidence, I can do anything I want to if I want it badly enough.

*I started writing this on Monday, the entries close tomorrow and so I've run out of time :(

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