Tuesday, 20 January 2015

A lot of things remind me of you - not just when I look at our daughter or my ever-expanding belly.

When I go to bed at night and put my phone on charge, I remember you having so much trouble trying to get that little flappy bit open on your phone and sheepishly asking me to do it.

I can't listen to Twinkle Twinkle or Rockabye Your Bear without my eyes tearing up. I loved listening to you play and sing to L.

I think of the way you pronounce certain words and how I would laugh and make fun of you (in a good way).

My heart thumps wildly every time I see a bright blue car. I miss sitting in the passenger seat and holding your hand as we drive along.

I can barely listen to any music. Every song makes me think of you in some way.

I never ate an enchilada until I met you. I loved making Mexican lasagne for you. Even a chicken wrap from McDonalds makes me think of you as I ate so many of them on our way home from visiting L in hospital. Wok in a Box on a Sunday while I was pregnant, we'd leave your parents house, get it and drop in to see my Mum before heading home.

The smell of a clean man. You always smelled delicious.

How long will it take before I stop missing you? It hurts so much. I wish you could be out of my life forever but unfortunately that's not a possibility.

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