Saturday, 24 January 2015

Time for some updates:

Not much to report on the little man. I can feel him fluttering heaps today, like bubbles in my belly. It really is the strangest feeling. We are halfway there too! 20 weeks today, which apparently makes him the size of a banana. I haven't given him a nickname yet. L was always Jellybean to me (G was not on board) but when she was born he started calling her Spud (and to be honest, her head does look like a potato).
I have the morphology scan next week so will finally get some proper measurements and see how he is going. Then after that will be the Glucose Test which I think is probably pointless for me anyway.

As for L... She is 15 months old! Full of personality. I have no idea how much she weighs or how tall she is. Funny how I started out wanting to keep a record of these things each month and how quickly that all went out the window! She still only has 2 tiny bottom teeth but I'm pretty sure the top ones are on their way (c'mon teeth!) Crawling around everywhere and is starting to work out what her legs are for, although no standing or walking yet. She loves to open drawers and cupboards and has discovered the toilet bowl. She definitely loves music and reading. She can blow bubbles with her mouth, make raspberry sounds and do crazy things with her tongue. She's a good little eater and has mastered feeding herself chicken, sausage, steak, sandwiches (Vegemite is her favourite), but have not yet trusted her with a spoon. She also loves cucumber, tomato, sultanas and prunes!

She doesn't really say that many words except the usual Mum/Mumma, Dad/Dadda & Nanna, but there is a lot of babbling and she will point to something that she wants and shoos away what she doesn't want. She will point or touch her/our ears and nose when we ask where they are, or her rocks or the butterflies that are on the wall outside. If you asked where the baby is, she lifts up my top and touches my belly. If you ask for a kiss she'll turn her head and offer you her lips. She can be a little bit cuddly, but not very often - she likes to move around more than sit still. She's been a very good sleeper since 6 months, with only the occasional wake up during the night (which is probably due to teething). We're down to one nap during the day, two if we're lucky and 3 bottles of half formula and half milk. Although she likes her food, I'm not sure she's eating as much as she should so keeping her on the formula makes me feel a bit better. I go by her mood anyway, if she's getting grizzly but won't have a nap, a bottle usually does the trick and she's happy to play again. Lunch and tea I try to keep at the same time every day and breakfast is generally just after whatever time she wakes up. She's in a good routine that she's made herself and I just follow her cues. I'm hoping the next time around works out a similar way, now that I'm a bit wiser!

I had my initial mediation interview a couple of weeks ago and that went well. Now just waiting to hear about when the next appointment will be, where we'll hopefully come to some visitation agreement. Although I'm not very happy about the fact that it won't be legally binding and I think he'll end up taking me to court anyway.

So, that's where we're at for now.

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