Friday, 30 January 2015

To the little boy growing in my belly,

I got to see you again yesterday :) but geez are you Mister Stubborn! You didn't make it easy for the nice lady to get a good look at you to make sure all your organs and body parts were OK. Sorry for all the prodding and shaking though. She even made us get up and do a crazy dance together to get you to move into a better position. Just like your big sister, you had your legs up over your head which made it very hard to see your adorable face. Although, you are very polite because even though your legs were up you kept them closed. She was still able to see that you are indeed a little boy. I didn't get any photos of you to take home this time because you didn't feel like being very photogenic, but that's OK because I'm going to arrange a photoshoot for you for a bit later on - I'll let you know about it beforehand so you can prepare and be ready for it.

Well, you have a nickname now - Mister Stubborn. It's not the most fantastic name but it does suit you.

Mummy went and bought you some outfits yesterday. I wish I knew what size you'd be, the littlest ones look too little and the next size up looks too big! But they are all very cute.

Your sister was being a ratbag last night and wouldn't go to sleep, so Mummy is very tired today. You probably heard her being silly. Fingers crossed you will be a good sleeper so I don't have to deal with you both at the same time :-)

Love you lots and I'll write again soon,
Mummy xx

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