Thursday, 12 February 2015

antenatal (dis)appointment

So, I had an appointment on Tuesday at 22+3 and although I wasn't expecting much from it, I thought it would be something more than what it was.

Firstly, it was a hot day and Miss L had to come with me. She was very tired but at least not cranky - she stayed in the waiting area with my Dad and charmed everyone with her smile.
It never matters when you arrive - I should know by now that there's no point getting there early. You take a ticket number, even though you have an appointment and wait and wait and wait until they've finished talking or checking Facebook and look up to see there's a waiting room full of people, then finally call out a number. One would think that once number 26 had gone through all her details to prove she is who she says she is and isn't pretending to be someone else, that they'd call out for 27, but no. There's a 10 minute wait.

Anyway, my appointment was 45 minutes late. We kept L entertained by feeding her sultanas and letting her read a pamphlet about Pap Smears. Early learning for what's ahead.

The doctor/midwife spent most of the time rifling through my notes looking for things he couldn't seem to find. He looked up some blood test results on the computer - they are all fine. He read the morphology scan report - all fine. Took my blood pressure and listens to baby's heartbeat and tells me to come back in 5-6 weeks. Oh, and that I might have to be induced early because of my previous placenta abruption.

He took no fundal measurements. Ordered no blood test for Protein S levels (which the previous hospital were going to check in my next pregnancy in case it had something to do with the abruption). When I mentioned this, he didn't seem to care. No ultrasound referral to check my placenta. They probably won't need to induce me, as in the next 5-6 weeks before my next appointment I could likely already have a baby for all they know!

I'm thinking about going back to the hospital where L was born, as they seem to be more concerned and more proactive. But it's a 40 minute drive which would not be fun once in labour and parking is terrible.
Guess I'll just wait and see what happens at the next appointment (if I don't already have little Mister by then). We'll be back at the original hospital anyway then, as this one doesn't have the set up for preterm babies.

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