Monday, 2 February 2015

I want to write about one of my best baby purchases EVER - the pram. I must admit, I didn't do much research at the time of selecting this pram. I think I saw a picture of it and checked it out in the shop. I was impressed with the way it steered, you can turn it around in circles quite easily with one hand. What I liked most, however, was the look of it - yeah, probably not the most important factor when buying a pram.

Behold, the awesome Emmaljunga Nitro City:

I also bought the bassinet attachment as I thought it would be much more comfortable for a newborn to lay in, and got the whole lot while it was on special for $1800. I figured we'd use it for L for 3 years (the recommended age) and then use it again for the next baby, so the price would average out over 6 years.

While you'd think for the price it should at least make you a coffee, do your dishes and your laundry - unfortunately it doesn't - but this pram has been an absolute lifesaver. We've nicknamed it The Bed On Wheels. L spent nearly the first six months of her life sleeping in the bassinet, being pushed backwards and forwards, side to side. Perfect as she was still being swaddled and wasn't yet rolling. We did manage eventually to get her sleeping in her cradle again (more rocking motion) and then for a week or two in her cot, until a little over a month ago when she decided she didn't want to go to sleep like a big girl anymore and we resorted back to the pram, for our sanity. This thing has done more kilometres on the inside than it has done outside the house! I lay the seat right back and have removed the straps and buckles and put down a sheet to make it more comfy and 8 times out of 10 she will fall asleep quite quickly.... Until recently when she's started to play silly buggers with us and will now roll over and sit up while we're trying to push her to sleep! Once she is asleep, she will still roll onto her belly - which is unusual for her as she's always been a back sleeper - but I'm not worried because I know she can roll back again. She hasn't yet woken up, sat up and climbed out (thankfully!) and as soon as she wakes up I am there to greet her, but I know it won't be too much longer til she either learns how to get out herself or falls out.

* It's a stunning looking pram.
* Bassinet is larger than most, meaning baby can use it for longer.
* Very easy to steer.
* Padded and comfortable.
*The seat/bassinet can either face you or away from you.

*The price.
*The basket space - while it appears quite big, it's very hard to actually get anything in there.
* It's very bulky to get into the car (I did ask G if it would fit in the boot and he assured me it would - it didn't). The bassinet has to come off to fold it up and depending on the size of your car boot, the seat may have to come off too and be stored on the backseat. Or the wheels may need to come off.
* It takes a bit of practice to learn to fold down - don't try it for the first time when having to take your baby to the ER.

Although I am in love with this pram, it is now time to search for a double, as it can't hold 2 babies unless I buy a less-than-comfy-looking second seat attachment. If I knew I would get pregnant sooner than expected, I would have gone straight for one that could be converted to a double, but you know life doesn't usually go according to plan.

This was not a paid review. Pram was purchased by myself.

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