Thursday, 2 April 2015

from the laundry pile

Hi, how are you all? Still stopping by even though I am the laziest, boring blog poster EVER?

- G didn't come for his visit on Saturday. I received a message at 10:55pm on Friday (when I would usually be asleep but was still up trying to get L to sleep) saying he had a bit of a cold and would let me know in the morning how he was feeling. As his visit time is 1 o'clock, I stupidly expected to hear from him in the early morning - say, 10 o'clock or at least by 11 - but it wasn't until 11:50 that he let me know he was feeling a little flat, had the sniffles and a sore throat but he would still come over at 3pm when it was a bit warmer if that was okay. Well, no. If you've got a cold you're better off staying at home and not coming into my house spreading your germs. Also, I'm not silly - you've only just woken up and won't be able to make it here by 1pm. The temperature at 3 is not going to be much different to what it was at 1. And as L only woke at at 11, she'd most probably want a nap at 3.
So I told him not to come and said I'd give him another Saturday visit to make up for it, which would just mean changing our mediation appointment to the following week. I thought I was being nice and doing the right thing considering our agreement is for SIX visits and not FIVE. Well, I got back a message saying he understood and respected why I didn't want him over here if he was sick, but that didn't mean anything else had to change. I was the one who made the decision for him not to come otherwise he would still come, so he wasn't going to change the appointment or make up the visit the following week and it would just have to be five visits instead of six. To that I replied "I'm not arguing, fine with me."

- We have FINALLY managed to get L to sleep in her cot again and she sleeps between 10 and 12 hours every night. Nap times are still a struggle though. Yesterday she did not want to nap at all. She was up at 9:30 and by 6:30 she was practically asleep in her high chair. Gave her half a bottle cuddled with her on the lounge and the rest in her cot, thinking she would doze off straight away (but she didn't). She was being very quiet though and not crying or screaming so we left her and checked on her 5 minutes later - she had passed out. That was 7pm and it's now 9:30am and I think I can hear her stirring. That's FOURTEEN AND A HALF HOURS SLEEP!

- On Monday, I went to visit my old workplace with L and my Mum. It's been nearly 2 years since I worked there and it's amazing to realise how much my life has changed in that time (or how much it could still be the same if I didn't get made redundant or had taken on a different role instead of accepting a package). My job was my life for 13 years. I would finish work late, stay up til all hours of the morning and sleep in until the afternoon. Now I'm a Mum of 1.5 kids, up early(ish) in the morning and in bed before 10pm.
It was great to see some of the ladies who weren't there when I last visited and who had never met L before. I will definitely be taking Littler Mister in to visit while he is still a teeny baby.

- I have a 3D ultrasound on Saturday which I'm excited about. Then I have another normal one in a couple of weeks that the hospital organised, to check growth and to see what the placenta is doing. The closer I get to 32 weeks, the more nervous I am that the same thing is going to happen.... and I'm not prepared. With G's visits every Saturday, my Mum washing her hair on Sundays (washing and drying seems to take all day) and me not driving, I haven't been able to go shopping to get the things I need. Fingers crossed he doesn't decide to make an early appearance because MUMMA'S NOT READY YET BABY BOY.

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