Thursday, 20 August 2015

(PRODUCT REVIEW) shh, shh - baby shusher

This is a review on the Baby Shusher. I was not paid for this review and all opinions are my own. I purchased the product myself when I responded to a Facebook post to receive 20% off.

It gets very tiring continuously making a shushing sound to get a baby to sleep, so what better product to buy than one that does the hard work for you!

Designed to be most effective from birth to 6 months of age, I decided to give it a go anyway even though L was over a year old. We were using the shushing method to get her to sleep (along with patting, singing, rocking, white noise, vodka in the bottle - just kidding!) so I was willing to give it a try and save my poor mouth from going dry.

Switched it on to have a listen and WOAH, it's kind of creepy. It sounds like a man is standing in the room saying shhhhhh shhhhhh repeatedly (but don't worry, you do get used to it and eventually you don't even notice it anymore).

Night 1 - The lovely person who contacted me from their Facebook Page suggested that L take ownership of the shusher and to make her feel like it's a special thing to take to bed. So I let her lay down and play with it and within a minute she was... crying cos she had hit herself in the head with it. Awesome. I moved the shusher onto her desk and left it on as we tried a million other things to get her to sleep. There's something about Thursday night bed time that makes her go a bit silly.

And that was the end of that. I didn't try using it again with her. Thankfully she now goes to sleep with a kiss and a good night-have a great sleep-see you in the morning-I love you.

I started using it with Z as soon as he got home, in conjunction with a white noise machine set on the heartbeat noise. He's not much of a screamer so I haven't seen if it helps settle him during a screaming episode, but it definitely works with getting him to sleep! He has self settled perfectly, no rocking or patting required. He is fed, burped, put down on the playmat for some play time, he yawns and I put him in his swaddle, put him in the pram (yes he sleeps in the pram, just like his sister!), tuck him in, put the shusher and white noise on, take him into a room where L won't disturb him, check him in 5 minutes and he's asleep (or if not asleep, he's relaxed and quiet).

It has a handy 15 minute or 30 minute timer (I always put it on 30 minutes) and a volume control, which we have down at a low level at the moment as I found he doesn't really like it when it's up loud.

Yes, you can download apps on your phone that do the same thing BUT I use my phone a lot (always on Facebook or playing Candy Crush) so being without my phone is not an option. You'd have to put your phone on airplane mode so it doesn't ring or make any other notification noise which would disturb your baby and defeat the purpose and is it really that safe to put a phone that close to their head?

VERDICT - I really like this product and highly recommend it.

RRP $55.95AU or like their Facebook page to be notified of any discounts or giveaways.

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