Monday, 2 March 2015


The weekend has been and gone. They never feel long enough. Not that the week really "ends" once you have children, every day sort of blends into one another and sometimes you actually lose track of what day it really is.

The February ICLW has ended and I feel like I didn't do a very good job of leaving comments every day. I am thankful to those of you who stopped by my little blog and left comments and I truly hope you keep reading regardless of ICLW.

I have caught up with the Kardashians and am now watching 2 Broke Girls. Love, love, LOVE this show. The innuendo! Don't worry, there will never be any spoilers on this blog about any shows, just in case you are behind yourselves.

L and I are hoping to start attending a playgroup on Wednesday morning. I have found one that's close by (and will still be close enough when we move). It will be nice to get out and meet other Mummas and their little ones.

Hope you're having a lovely Monday.


  1. I have heard that Two Broke Girls is phenomenal! Enjoy your playgroup, I hope it is a wonderful experience.

  2. We love Two Broke Girls also!
    I hope you enjoy play group! I look forward to going to some again soon.

  3. The weekends are definitely never long enough. They're my "catch up" time, so I get everything finished by Sunday night, but I go into Monday with it starting all over again. What we need to an extra 12 hours shoved into weeks at random so we can't plan for them, but they show up and we can fill them as we please.