Monday, 16 March 2015


I like to think I'm a little bit of an online super sleuth. You want something found, I'm most likely to find it.

A girl I know wanted a song to add into a slide show. She had heard it on an episode of One Born Every Minute, but didn't know what it was called. She remembered some of the lyrics. I did a search of the lyrics but didn't find a match. I then looked up soundtracks for the show, listened to the tracks on Youtube and found it!

I like to be a bit stalker-ish sometimes too. I used to be Facebook friends with D's sister (D, my ex before G), until we split up and she deleted me. I am still friends with their Mum though so am able to see some of the things that the sister - J - posts and of course anything that she may post as public. Her and her husband purchased a house at the end of 2013 and on her Facebook was a picture of the house that was up on the real estate website. I of course was nosey and wanted to see what the inside of this house looked like and how much it was. So I searched the real estate website for suburbs around where they were currently living and BINGO! Found the house.
I also found her Youtube channel where she vlogged about her first pregnancy (not under her real name, that would have been too easy!) and also a blog she was writing, which was under another alias.

G's Mum was after some bed linen that matched some things she already had, but could no longer buy in Australia. The only place she could find them was in the UK and shipping to Australia was far too expensive. I knew which shop she had purchased the items from and I had seen the colour and style but that was all I had to go on. A quick Google search found the brand they were and another search found an online store in New Zealand where the prices were reasonable and shipping wasn't going to cost an arm and a leg. As she was very hesitant about giving her credit card details online, I bought them for her for Mother's Day.

I think I could have a future career as a Private Investigator ;)
Or perhaps as a Professional Google Searcher?


  1. Professional Googler! YES :-) That really should be a job. Especially when you're trying to find something that is driving you crazy.

  2. Ha ha, I love this. I am like that too, one of my coworkers calls me Ms. Wikipedia because ask me anything and I'll usually find the answer. (She should probably call me Ms. Google but that just goes to show her lack of tech knowledge). I think being a somewhat nosey super sleuth has its benefits!

  3. I'm pretty good at internet stalking too! I can never decide if its a blessing or a curse.