Saturday, 14 March 2015

the third of six

So, here I am hiding out in the bedroom again for G's weekly visit with L.

Tomorrow would have been our 2nd anniversary. It could have been a very happy day for us. We have one beautiful daughter and a baby son on the way. There is a house being built that was meant for our family to live in. He may have even asked me to marry him. I cannot think about it too much as it just makes me upset and angry.

L is tired. The last couple of days she's decided to only have an afternoon nap. Today, she let my Mum put her down for a morning nap, but she only slept for about 10 minutes so we've been dealing with a grizzly girl. But of course she'll be as good as gold when G is here because there is someone different to play with! (He's just arrived with his Mum and son).
I feel sorry for my Mum who has to make small talk with them and be civil and hospitable. It takes a lot of effort to be nice to someone who you can't stand the sight of and I am very thankful that she is doing this for me.

Ugh. I just want this all to be over.

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