Wednesday, 22 July 2015

if your lips are moving, then you're lying

OMG some people are delusional! They keep making up lies after lies after lies to get sympathy votes. And everybody believes them instead of looking at the FACTS and the PROOF. It's so pathetic that it's hilarious. I honestly will never believe anything that G says ever again.

Apparently his version of the truth is not only did he go to work and work hard, he was also up every night feeding L (while I slept), did all the cooking and cleaning, washed my clothes, while I sat on my arse all day.

Does he forget that my Dad lived with us for a majority of the time we were together? That he was the one who was often up helping me while G snored away? My Mum quite often came and stayed overnight to help with the night feeds in the first few weeks so I could get some sleep as I was absolutely exhausted (or did we just imagine that happened?) And honestly, if he was a supportive partner he should be getting up to help out with the night feeds while I get some sleep and have some bonding time with his daughter. Does he forget that he used to go to bed quite late anyway even if he had work the next day, so what was the point in both of us staying up? If he was still up then he could feed her. Honestly, if I had done every single feed myself he would have complained that he never got to do it. I'm sure I can find Facebook posts from the wee hours of the morning that prove that I wasn't asleep.

As for the cleaning, yes while we rented a house by ourselves for 2 months he did the cleaning. Because he wanted to, he told me he liked cleaning and liked to be kept busy. I had told him in the beginning that I wasn't much of a housewife and even explained to him before we moved back in together not to get shitty if such and such wasn't done, as my main priority at the time was looking after L. I also have the texts to prove that too. One thing I did do were the dishes (unless G cooked, then he would do them as he went). Then he decided he would use the dishwasher, so I made sure that the next day I unloaded it and put everything away. He kept saying "bubby, leave the dishes I'll do them" but I knew if I let him do them it would be something he would use against me later on - which he's done anyway! When Dad was living with us, HE did the dishes every night and G got shitty cos he wasn't able to do them! Dad also did a majority of the vacuuming and we all shared the cooking. G cleaned our ensuite bathroom, because I could never get the shower as clean as him and I just found it awkward to do.

I don't understand the washing my clothes business. He did them ONCE and that was just before I came home from hospital. The only things he washed were his clothes and his son's clothes. I never asked him or told him to wash my clothes or L's clothes EVER.

I guess as a mother I'm not allowed to sleep, not allowed to have time to myself to just sit and read a book, pick my nose, check Facebook. I have to be responsible for looking after the baby 24 hours a day, plus do the dishes, the washing, the cooking AND the cleaning.... all because he actually gets to leave the house to go to work. Never mind the fact that I was the one providing the roof over our heads, not him. Or the fact that I was recovering from 2 surgeries which left me with a bit of postnatal depression because of the way L arrived and the things I missed out on. Then dealing with his emotional abuse on top of that. I was literally on the phone to my Mum crying nearly every single day because of things he did or said. Funny how I'm not crying or upset now after having Z.

These people need to go back to school and learn to read and comprehend what they are reading, instead of twisting things around. I am immature and selfish and not being a respectable mother, I'm a disgusting person and I am denying G from seeing his kids? He gets to see L. It may not be in the way he wants, but he still gets to see her. No he hasn't seen Z yet, but he also hasn't signed any paperwork to say he's the father. He has 5 days left to sign the birth registration, otherwise it will be issued without his name on it. I've told him that he needs to either sign the paperwork, or pay for the DNA test to be done and then sign the paperwork and then we'll discuss when he can meet Z.
No, he will meet him first and then sign the paperwork.
I want the test done so I have to pay for it, or pay for half of it. I was the one who mentioned a test in the first place, so I should organise it. I mentioned getting a test done so he wouldn't do a dodgy one behind my back and because why would he want to meet a baby that he doesn't believe is his? He is the one who has doubts, I am 100% certain he is the father. In the end he is going to look like a fool anyway for delaying it all for so long. Seriously, you want to see him, there are your options. I'm not repeating myself again.

If I love my kids then I will come to my senses and let them see their Dad.

They will end up resenting me.
Don't take my hate out on them.

I'm jealous of their relationship and I'm not over him and want him back.
I'm still hurting because he ended our relationship.

I would not take him back even if he was the last man on earth and he paid me. She can have him and good luck to her! I got over him a loooooong time ago.

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