Thursday, 13 August 2015

wonderful world of the internet vol: 1

I've been on a bit of a spending spree, all in the comfort of my own home dressed in my pyjamas. I love online shopping!
We'll be moving into our new home soon and I decided I needed a new bed as I only have an ensemble but no head board or frame. I will use the mattress that I currently have.

Purchase number 1:

I think the picture is a king size, I ordered a queen.

Then I saw these and fell in love with the colour. Unfortunately I won't get them for a while as they are currently out of stock, but I have them on back order.

And a rug for the living room:

L is getting a big girl bed:

All from Beds Online.


I have a lot of articles from mummy/baby pages pop up in my newsfeed. Sometimes they are great stories and full of useful information and sometimes they are crap like this.

For starters, the title is shit. The message they are trying to get across is that you don't need to give up breast feeding just because you'd like to have a couple of alcoholic drinks. There's really no need to add a "formula is poison" spin to it. The ABA should be more concerned with providing information for how to feed a baby correctly - whether it be formula or breast milk - instead of trying to make new Mums feel guilty.


This story is amazing. 4 sets of twins in 5 years, all conceived naturally.  The article was written before the babies were born. I always thought it would be cute to have twins, but having 2 babies 19 months apart is hard enough work!


I've never eaten Pho before, but I watched a programme on TV where the guy was in Vietnam and there they eat it for breakfast and the way he described it sounded really yummy. So I went on the hunt online to find somewhere near me that makes Pho. The one place I wanted to try doesn't deliver to my area so I then looked for a simple recipe that I could make myself as my like for cooking is getting stronger and a bit more adventurous. Here is the recipe I will be using.


What interesting things have you read/found on the Internet recently?

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