Tuesday, 1 December 2015

keep living in your own twisted sense of reality


I've been gone for a long time and I'm sorry.
We moved house the middle of October and I've only recently been able to get a semi-decent internet connection AND I've been organising a new business venture.... but more about all that and what we've been up to later.

I wanted to write an update post after my hiatus, until something happened yesterday that got me really annoyed and I had to vent about it.

You might remember a post I wrote about being a sort of Google super sleuth. Every so often I will browse the internet looking up a couple of people to find anything I can that they've commented on. Usually it's D and his sister J as I know the screen names they use and the sites they post on.

D seems to spend most of his time on a forum called reddit commenting on the most ridiculous questions. Add the time spent on there to his guitar playing, computer gaming, some thing called 'cubing', coffee drinking and baked goods eating, no wonder he doesn't have time for basic personal hygiene. He really was a stinky slob when we were together but I overlooked that because of his sense of humour and cute smile.

So, on this reddit forum, there was a question "Why is your ex an ex?"
The correct answer would have been "because I'm an idiot and didn't respect her feelings and she deserved better than that" but of course that isn't how he answered.
Apparently I was childishly jealous of his sister being pregnant. Incorrect. I was a normal level of jealous and it set off my depression in a big way, as I was 30 years old and had wanted a baby for many years. It also really hurt me when he went along to her 3D ultrasound as to me that's an experience you share with your partner when you have your own child. For him to say I was childishly jealous just goes to show how little he understood or even cared about my feelings.
I forced him to choose between me and his family (and he still has a grudge against me for that). I never forced him to do anything of the sort, I just explained to him that perhaps it was time cut the cord a little bit. Their relationship and involvement with each other was a little too close for my liking. Having a loving and supportive family is wonderful but not when you're 28 years old and your mummy still treats you like a little boy and complains when she hasn't seen you for a couple of days and gets upset because your girlfriend is taking you overseas for your birthday and it will be the first birthday she hasn't seen you. I have a son of my own now and there is no way I will be like that with him. Perhaps she should have spent her time teaching him some basic life skills like cooking and cleaning and the basic personal hygiene I mentioned before.
It only took me 2 months to find another sucker and get pregnant and kick him out before #2 was born. It's nice when someone comments on something they know absolutely NOTHING about! As you all know, that's not what happened at all.
His final words on the topic? What a mongface. Wow. Name calling, how mature.

I decided to set him straight and sent him a FB message saying that it is AMAZING what can be found on the internet these days and that I think he's a little unclear on some of the facts.
His reply was "thanks for your opinion on that".
My response back - "opinion is only a belief, facts can be supported by evidence".

The reason why your ex is an ex is because you had no idea how to be in a relationship, spending time with your girlfriend was always an afterthought, you were extremely lazy and irresponsible and she'd had enough of you sweating buckets on her during really bad sex.

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